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If you are a Dealer and do not have a Credit License (or even if you do) please read on and I will explain.

You are currently limited to arranging finance for “Consumer” customers who are buying a vehicle from you (Point of Sale exemption). We are offering you the ability to have your Business appointed and complied to enable you to offer finance to anyone.

The example would be your customer buys a 4 x 4 and he is also buying a boat/jet ski to go on behind. Currently you can finance the 4×4 but not the ski-we will give you the compliance tools and the financier to finance the ski. Take that line of thinking that bit further-what about your current data base, what are they all buying that you don’t get the opportunity to finance?

In addition we will give you access to a range of both Prime and Sub-Prime lenders to assist. We are not looking to cut across your existing Finance providers-this is purely a facility to give you the opportunity to increase your reach with a compliant model that we have proven to work.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the finance industry we have been able to forge lifelong relationships with the vast majority of Asset Finance Lenders in the market, today.

We have spent many years in the industry creating a network of lenders not only for our business, but, more importantly for yours.

Our extensive Panel of Lenders, will potentially, enable your Business Managers to seek approvals from Lenders whose policies and guidelines are not as demanding as your floorplan lenders. (The example of this can be seen in the Mortgage market where “non-conforming” lenders have flourished over the last couple of years).

We see the industry constricting over the next twelve months and as a consequence the necessity for 2nd and 3rd tier lenders, has never been greater. Far tighter policies and guidelines are commonplace and we see no letup in this area.

Our aim is to partner with you to enhance your F & I business and enable you to access to a wide range of lenders and help you through the compliance maze that we all work within.
We pride ourselves on our understanding and knowledge of compliance requirements and have a hands on approach to solving those problems that you face on a day to day basis.

Systems and Control

We know from feedback that the biggest single issue facing Business Managers when dealing with customers who are not going to qualify with your lenders, is a loss of control if they refer them off to an intermediary.
Our model enables your Business Managers to retain complete control over the customer, regardless of the Lender that is chosen for the loan approval. We will mentor and train your B/M’s on what policies and procedures “other” lenders in the marketplace have or we will simply handle the approval process on their behalf and provide them with the finished product.

Ultimately our system (Vault) will gateway into a number of these financiers without the need for intervention.

Mentoring and Training:

We will discuss the intricacies of NCCP and the complexities of the Act in more detail but suffice it to say, we have a hands-on approach to solving the Compliance issues around this Act. Our experience since the inception of NCCP in 2010 and the “post 2014 amnesty” has given us a thorough insight into the industries requirements. We will provide a Template for compliance and mentor your Finance people to ensure that you are not at risk from the watchdog.

The Bottom Line:

Our motto is “Helping you through the Finance Maze” and we are passionate about helping you grow your business. We believe that we can make a difference to your business through mentoring, guidance and training your people and offering you access to the best lenders in the market today.

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You can contact Peter Fudge on 07 33773737 or email and arrange an appointment for an obligation free discussion.