Tips to Purchasing Your First Caravan

Financially speaking, a caravan might be one of the best investments you could ever make. The number of adventures your caravan could aid you in is not only endless, but priceless when you consider the happy times and satisfaction your family will feel, all together one trips in your caravan.


There are a handful of factors to consider before running to your nearest caravan purchase sit and buying the first beauty you lay your eyes on, so rest easy knowing you’re planning by reading this today. With the help of us, you could be planning your next road trip across the country in your fully loaded and duel equipped caravan.


First, understand that when it comes to caravans, size matters. If you go for a bigger option, you will be spending more money, but you’ll have a bigger and fully loaded kitchen along with more space to roam as if you’re in a real home- not that your caravan won’t feel like the home your grew up in after a few road trips with it. Also, keep in mind budget wise that bigger might not always be better. If you spend more on your caravan then what you have, those road trips you dreamed off will probably have to pushed off. Plus, keep in mind if a caravan is wider than 2.3 meters (around 2.5 yards, 7.5 feet) you will need a commercial vehicle to tow it.


On top of figuring out what you want your caravan to do for you, make sure you know everything there is to know about caravans. Researching them can make sure you are making a financial investment that is good for you, and not simply making an impulsive decision. Researching caravans themselves is important, but also make sure you put a lot of time into your buyer. If you are purchasing from a private party, make sure you bring along a handyman to make sure the camper is in as good as shape as it seems to be. You’ll thank yourself if they find any problems worth nothing! If you’re purchasing from a dealer, new or used, make sure you understand the price point the caravan should be at and be ready to act accordingly. If it’s overpriced, be ready to ask what extra features comes with the caravan or negotiate it down, but if it’s underpriced, you might want to ask what the negative sides are.


In a perfect world, there will be a print out of the history of your van: what adventures it’s previously been on, the work that has been fixed up on it, etc., but if not, try hard to get all the information you can. It can be hard to figure out how old your caravan truly is, but if you notice in the last few years the gas and electric has broken down multiple times, you might realize it isn’t the best model of its kind.


No matter if you’re headed to a dealer or searching the internet rigorously for a private party, you’ll have the time of your life with a caravan that will-hopefully, if all is done right- last you just as long.