Privacy Policy

At FME Financial Services Pty Ltd (FME) your privacy is important to us, in this policy statement we aim to set out our Privacy policies and procedures and explain how we deal with your personal information. We aim to give you a clear understanding of our principles.

This policy and other privacy statements

This privacy policy explains how we collect personal information and how we maintain, use and disclose that information. It also provides some detail about your privacy rights along with our general rights and obligations and our policy in relation to the personal information we keep on record.

When you apply for a new product or service, notices are generally given about privacy and requests for consent. Those privacy notices specify in more detail how any information about you may be used and disclosed in relation to the particular product or service.

When you apply for or use one of our products or services, you consent to us collecting, maintaining, using and disclosing personal information about you and provided by you or by another person in accordance with the privacy statement in the application form and this policy.

What information does FME hold?
The types of information we keep on record will depend on the type of product or service requested by you.
Generally, we keep a record of one or more of the following types of information about you:

  • Information that identifies you, such as your name, address, telephone contact, driver’s license and other information provided by you and people nominated by you.
  • When making an application for loans for finance, credit information about you
  • If you apply for insurance, information about what is being insured (including health information about you, your income and occupation if you are requesting GAP or Consumer Credit Insurance).

All information sought is required for our business purposes, which are detailed generally in this privacy policy and more specifically in our application forms or on the pages which allow you to contact us.

We do not actively seek to collect sensitive information (for example health information or information about your racial or ethnic origin or any criminal record), unless it is necessary for our business purposes. If we do have to collect sensitive information, we will do so in accordance with the National Privacy Principles.

Sometimes we act as an agent for others when collecting information about you, such as for our preferred insurance companies. We will tell you when we do this.

During the course of our relationship with you, we may gather information about you relating to all products and services that we or our preferred suppliers provide to you. This information is used to help us form views about how we can improve our relationship with you.

How FME collects information from its site
We collect and hold information about you when you

  • complete an online application or other type of form; or
  • provide your name, phone number and email address on one of our loan calculators ;or
  • provide us with your email address; or
  • access and use our services through our site.

We also collect some statistical information about visitors, from our site (for example, the number of visitors, pages viewed, types of transactions conducted, time online and documents downloaded).

Some of this statistical information is collected by using cookies, but none of the statistical information we collect allows us to identify a visitor. We use this information to evaluate our site performance and continually improve our services.

Other than statistical information, we do not collect any information about you through our site unless you provide the information to us.

How FME generally collects your information
Generally, we only collect personal information about you from you, unless it is not reasonable or practical for us to do so or you consent.
We may also collect information about you from publicly available sources such as company registers or Australian Taxation Office ABN searches.

How may FME use your personal information?
We use your personal information to:

  • Comply with all regulatory and statutory bodies when enquiring or arranging finance or insurance.
  • Provide information to insurance companies if insurance products are considered. These companies include Swann Insurance and National Warranty Services, 24/7, Allianz, Suncorp and are for warranty products on car loans, boat loans, truck loan, equipment finance or car insurance related purposes.This is including sending of material or contact about their products and services, disclosure of information to their contractors and agents (such as call centre operators, advertising agencies, direct mail houses), disclosure of your information to their related bodies corporate and transfer of your information out of and into Australia.
  • FME customer service effectively manage and administer all products and services we provide to you even after your loan. We arrange current loan payout amounts, providing a choice of comparison prices on your car insurance renewal.
  • To enable FME to identify and contact you for things such as refinancing car loans, boat loans, truck loan, equipment finance, and home loans, buying cars, trucks, boats, equipment and homes.
  • When we request your information we may give more specific details about the way we use your information.

What rights does FME have to disclose personal information?
Usually we must get your consent before we tell anyone about you, your accounts or your credit information. You can give us your consent expressly or it may be implied by your conduct.

Sometimes the law requires us to give out information about you, such as a court if we were ordered to do so under a subpoena.
Depending on the product or service that we provide to you, if it is necessary we may also disclose your personal information to:

  • Government agencies in connection with any vehicle purchase, such as for stamping and registration purposes;
    Any organisation which you request us to or any persons acting on your behalf, including your financial adviser, broker, solicitor, or accountant – unless you tell us not to.
  • Any organisation to allow us to offer or provide our services to you, maintain our relationship with you, or as required under various laws and regulations that govern our business.

We may at other times give you more details about our disclosure practices in relation to specific products or services – for example on the attachment to the Finance Agreement.

How may FME use your personal information?
Your personal information may also be used by us to assess your total relationship and product holding within FME, analyse products and services, evaluate the needs of our customers and develop new products.

Unless you inform us or have previously told us not to, we may also provide access to your personal information to sub-contractors of FME to inform you of products and services available, special promotions etc.

How FME protects the security of your information
We take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

We have physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information which is held by us. For example, your personal information is stored in secured office premises, in electronic databases requiring logins and passwords for access. Access to information stored electronically is restricted to staff whose job purpose requires access. We require all staff to maintain the confidentiality of customer information.

We use secure methods to destroy or de-identify any personal information as soon as the law permits, provided the information is no longer needed by us for any purpose.

Changes to our Privacy Policy
We may amend this policy from time to time. Not all changes to our privacy policy will require your consent, for example where office security procedures are changed. We will notify you of any change to our information handling policy that requires your consent before being implemented.

What are your rights?
Without your personal information, we generally are not able to provide our products and services to you.

Information about our Products and Services
If you do not want the benefit of receiving information, special offers or exclusive opportunities about products and services (which may be supplied by us or any contractor that we may sub-contract) which we think may be of interest or value to you, then please tell us. You can do this at any time by writing to us or telephoning the Privacy Officer at the contact details listed below.

Access to your information
You can request access at any time to personal information we hold about you. We will process your request within a reasonable time, usually 21 days for a straightforward request. More time may be needed, depending on the nature of the request.
There is no fee for requesting access to your information, however we may charge you the reasonable cost of processing your request.

Correction of information
We try to ensure that all information we hold about you which we collect, use or disclose is accurate, complete and up to date. You must promptly notify us if there are any changes to your personal information.

You may ask us at any time to correct personal information held by us about you, which you believe is incorrect or out of date. We will deal with your request within a reasonable time.

If there is anything you would like to discuss, please contact us. We will try to answer any questions you may have, correct any error on our part or resolve any complaint that you may have about our information handling practices. If we do not resolve a complaint to your satisfaction, you also have the right to complain to the Privacy Commissioner.

Privacy Officer
FME Financial Services Pty Ltd
601 Milton Road
Toowong QLD 4066
PH: 07 33773737